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festive rainbow mirror summoning!

There are now one dozen Bells.

They and most of their friends are all here on Planet Rainbowsand II, to celebrate the addition of Sarion, the elf one, and Aurora, the one with a sister.
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After Cam and Jellybean have been enjoying Cam's new mindreading capacity for a while, and then snuggling for a while longer, Sue brings Jellybean into a link with the rest of the deck. Communication zips back and forth, mostly wordless.

Jellybean giggles, flares his candy-flavoured aura, and kisses Cam's cheek. "Did you catch that?"
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"Something about porn. Hard to catch when I'm not linked and it's that fast and nonverbal and I'm blissed out."
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"Well, you might've noticed that the Jokers have a lot of sex at these things," says Jellybean. "And somebody pointed out that a bunch of Bells have past-viewing powers, and they could totally watch us whenever they wanted, and we all decided we're fine with that. From anybody, not just Bells. Now we wanna announce it so people know, but we don't know how to find out who wants to."
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"Well, we could just start with people who have past-viewing powers and skip Golden," says Cam.
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"I guess," says Jellybean. "As long as we eventually get around to telling the people who don't have past-viewing powers but might want some if it meant they got to watch the Jokers fuck each other."
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"Could just put up a sign on the door in the future. I bet you anybody who'd be interested at least glances speculatively at the door during a party sometime."
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"Ooh, sure," says Jellybean. He grins and gives Cam a kiss. "But for now - who-all's got past-viewing powers?"
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"Stella, Angela, Juliet and everybell who pealed after her except Sarion who doesn't have her standards yet because she's not fully repaired. I suppose Aurora might not have gotten to it but it is in the standards list now. Shell Bell and Amariah may or may not have gotten around to picking it up but they won't mind particularly if we mention it anyway. Doesn't matter for this purpose if Golden has it."
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"Mm, okay," says Jellybean, and he conference-calls Cam, Stella, Alice, Angela, Micaiah, Amariah, Kas, Aegis, Sue, Rose, Beast, Juliet, Shell Bell, Pattern, Aurora, and Brilliance.

[Hi, everybody! So the Jokers decided we're okay with anybody who has a past-viewing power watching us have sex at Bell parties, and we wanted to let you all know in case you were interested. Next party we'll put up a sign on the door or something.]
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[Sign on the door is a good idea. Maybe include signs on each sub-node's door that say 'yes' or 'no' or 'only for this short list of people' depending on the preferences of the occupants.]
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[...It might get kind of complicated trying to watch a bunch of people have sex but not watch a bunch of other people in the same room have sex,] says Jellybean. [Probably better to just have the sign say either 'yes you can watch' or 'no you can't watch', and if everybody inside has picked 'yes' it'll show that, otherwise it's no.]
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[Short list of potential supervisors,] Stella clarifies.
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[Oh,] giggles Jellybean. [That makes more sense. Yeah, that might work. But people who only want specific people watching them fuck could just tell them, couldn't they...?]
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[Only if they're comfortable having the conversation.]
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[Speaking of which, thanks for letting me know, I don't think the rest of this conversation needs me,] says Shell Bell. She drops out of the call. So do Juliet and Angela and Rose and Aurora.
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Jellybean snorts.
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[The shortlist option would probably be most comfortable for the people who'd use it if it just looked exactly like "no" to everyone not on the list,] Amariah observes. [And indicated listhood to people on it so there's never an awkward case of "hey, did you see that thing the other day" "what thing, I didn't think that was for public consumption".]
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[Someone who cares about privacy more than Jokers do should probably design it, then,] says Jellybean.
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[Yeah, I'll give it some thought and install it for whoever hosts the next party.]
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[Okay, thanks!]
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[No problem.]

The remaining Bells exit the call.
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Jellybean goes back to snuggling with Cam.