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Isabella Marie Swan ⚚ "Aurora" ([personal profile] incanted) wrote2013-04-22 10:11 am

festive rainbow mirror summoning!

There are now one dozen Bells.

They and most of their friends are all here on Planet Rainbowsand II, to celebrate the addition of Sarion, the elf one, and Aurora, the one with a sister.
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"'Cause the songs bored you?" Lexi asks archly.
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"That's all circular, though," she points out.
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"So? It bored me, so I didn't care about it enough to actively look for ways to make it bore me less. I am comfy with my classic rock, I don't need to like every song I hear."
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"I guess that's fair. I don't like every single song there is," says Lexi.
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"I try especially to be fair to stuff people recommend in particular, though."
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"Nice of you."
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"It'd bug me if I recommended somebody a song I really liked and they listened to it for three seconds and then was like 'nope'," shrugs Lexi.
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"Yeah, I guess."